Is Volt an "Erasmus party"?

Is Volt an "Erasmus party"?

I have been active in Volt Europa for past year leading the tech team and working on digital campaign strategy. During that time I've seen various media outlets label Volt as "Erasmus generation" political movement or a "young people" party, and there is some truth to that.

If you look at photos from Volt events and meetings you can tell right away it doesn't look like most other political parties.

However, isn't the moniker a bit unfair? Using my unique access as the member database administrator and data controller I decided to confront it with data.


While Millenials are indeed the largest demographic in Volt, over one-third of our members is 35 years and older and a quarter is over 50.

Volt member base is also getting older. Average member age at the end of August was 34 years, while median age was 30 years old, which is an increase from 30yo and 28yo respectively in January.

Surely there is work to do to improve Volt Europa age diversity, but it is great to know that Volt members represent Europeans aged anywhere from eighteen to eighty.

Thanks to Ivan Butina, Andrea Venzon, and Cornelius Rahn for inspiration and help with this post.

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